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Rolling Hills Pheasant Ranch takes great pride in providing the “best of flight” game birds in the pheasant sale industry. Suppling pheasant hunting farms and sporting game farms across Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, is our business.

30 years of raising pheasants for pheasant hunting game farms all across the Midwest, has resulted in Rolling Hills Pheasant Ranch developing a program that brings you upland birds that “explode” into the air and fly better for an exciting sport shooting experience.

This has not happened by accident! The key to the strong success raising of pheasants, is the program at Rolling Hills Pheasant Ranch. Our pheasant farm feed ratio mixing and brooder houses that are clean and disease free. Our 30 years of experience and hard work has led to development of a perfect pheasant feed mix. The end result is raising a quality “explosive” flight game bird, not just some of the time, but ALL OF THE TIME!


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Growing Pheasants

We house over 280,000 flight game birds. To you, that means that we can guarantee that we will have your pheasants to you “on time, every time.”

By volume raising, we can give you the best buying price in the game bird growing and supply industry. Let us help you to supply your pheasant hunting game farm and dog training facility with the quality upland birds your customers expect. Delivery prices will vary on sale circumstances. Delivery available to pheasant hunting farms in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska and other midwestern states.

Call today and as our motto, “Fly with the Best” states, you will be providing your customer with the best shooting experience because of the quality of your flight birds you have gotten through partnering with Rolling Hills Pheasant Ranch.

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